Predator Ridge Leads the Way: Integrating SenseNet for Unprecedented Wildfire Safety

February 24, 2024
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Summary of news

Summary of news

On February 24, 2024, Predator Ridge Resort proudly announced its strategic investment in SenseNet, becoming Canada’s first residential and resort community to significantly bolster wildfire safety. This initiative, part of a broader two-year pilot project involving the City of Vernon, Vernon Fire Rescue Services, and several key partners, has led to the installation of a comprehensive network of sensors, gateways, and cameras. This technology, designed to detect the earliest signs of wildfires, represents a new era in proactive wildfire detection and response, ensuring the safety of the community and its cherished environment. Read more at:
B.C. resort community invests in high-tech wildfire detection system

Advanced Technology for Early Detection:

SenseNet’s integration into Predator Ridge introduces a state-of-the-art system capable of detecting wildfires in their incipient smoldering phase. The network of over 100 sensors, alongside 5 gateways and cameras, offers unparalleled early detection capabilities. This system employs gas sensing and thermal imaging to identify potential threats, providing a critical time advantage for effective response measures.
Harmonizing technology and community for safety.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Coverage:

The SenseNet system at Predator Ridge is under the vigilant watch of Vernon Fire Rescue Services and Emergency Management, ensuring 24/7 monitoring. This continuous oversight facilitates real-time wildfire information dissemination and swift incident response. Additionally, the wildfire detection cameras equipped with AI-driven smoke detection technology offer a 360-degree protective view, ensuring no corner of the community is left unguarded.
A bastion of safety amidst nature's unpredictability
A 360-degree safeguard against wildfires.

Data-Driven Wildfire Management:

At the heart of SenseNet’s efficacy is its Wildfire Detection & Management Platform, which harmonizes AI with data from an array of sources, including sensors, cameras, satellites, and weather forecasts. This integration enables not only rapid detection but also predictive analysis of wildfire behavior, crafting a comprehensive and preemptive wildfire management strategy that secures the entire community.
Unity in action for wildfire preparedness.


Predator Ridge’s forward-thinking investment in SenseNet technology, supported by the dedication of local fire services and the City of Vernon, sets a new benchmark in community wildfire safety. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to innovation, safety, and the preservation of the community’s quality of life against the backdrop of an evolving climate landscape. As Predator Ridge leads by example, it opens the door for other communities to follow suit in enhancing wildfire preparedness and response capabilities.

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