Groundbreaking Achievement: SenseNet’s FireWard Sets New Standards in Predator Ridge Wildfire Detection Demo

January 22, 2024
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Summary of news

Summary of news

At the heart of BC, near Ellison Provincial Park, SenseNet’s latest demo at Predator Ridge has once again turned heads with its FireWard technology’s exceptional performance. Despite challenging conditions of dense fog, high humidity, and freezing temperatures, FireWard achieved rapid detection of test fires in less than sixty seconds. Fire professionals in attendance hailed the technology as a game-changer, redefining the possibilities in wildfire detection. SenseNet’s demonstration also highlighted FireWard’s unparalleled capability to discern new fire outbreaks within smoke-laden environments, a feat unmatched by any current technology on the global stage.

⁠Uncompromised Performance in Harsh Conditions:

The Predator Ridge demo was a testament to FireWard’s reliability and accuracy, even in the most unforgiving climates. With conditions far from ideal—90% humidity, enveloping fog, and biting cold—FireWard’s patented sensing and communication technologies promptly detected fires in under a minute. This demonstration emphasized the system’s adaptability and resilience, crucial for real-world wildfire scenarios.
SenseNet FireWard showcasing resilience in adverse weather.
SenseNet's FireWard revolutionizing wildfire safety standards.
FireWard technology identifying new fires amidst smoke.

⁠Unique Detection Capabilities Amidst Smoke:

One of the standout features of FireWard, showcased during this demo, was its ability to detect new fires in areas already compromised by smoke from existing fires. This capability is particularly vital in regions prone to large-scale wildfires, where new fires can easily start and spread undetected. SenseNet’s FireWard technology stands alone on the global stage, offering hope and a new layer of security in wildfire-prone areas.

⁠Collaboration and Acknowledgments:

The success of the Predator Ridge demonstration was made possible by the collaboration and support from local fire professionals, authorities, and the community in Vernon. Their trust and partnership with SenseNet underscore the collective commitment to advancing wildfire detection and prevention technologies. This collaborative spirit is a cornerstone of SenseNet’s mission to create a safer, more secure world through innovative solutions.
SenseNet FireWard's rapid response to test fires in demo.
FireWard's cutting-edge technology on display at Predator Ridge.
SenseNet invites everyone to join in celebrating this significant milestone and to continue supporting their journey toward enhancing global wildfire detection and prevention capabilities.

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